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Logistic project shipments to Russia. The pros and cons.


The clear benefit of a joint declaration is mostly for the recipient in Russia, who declares his production line, or machine parts, as a whole, so saving significantly on customs duty. Although this doesn’t benefit you directly as a commissioning party, it’s in fact a very important acquisition tool — as not offering this service often leads to loss of assignments.

The advantages and risks of this kind of shipment are particularly evident during transport. What happens if a truck breaks down or encounters trouble during customs clearance in Russia? On-time delivery is jeopardised. Or imagine this: All trucks have arrived at the border to find the receiving firm hasn’t taken care of things as promised. Another waiting-time problem! And the more vehicles involved, the more fees will increase fast.

Unfortunately, such logistical aspects are often underestimated, as is the role of an international logistics company — which can take care of so many other facets besides actual transportation.

Discussing such scenarios with your client is clearly important. Because as the commissioner you could end up footing the bill, inevitably leading to conflict with the transporter. They key is to be mindful of this and include your logistical partner early on in your project.

GUS-TRANS — as the transport specialist for Eastern Europe and Russia — assists you on all levels with optimal logistical support so you can meet agreements with 100% reliability. Because good preparation with your logistical partner not only ensures a smooth transport process, but truly satisfied customers.

Experience, know-how and flexibility are invaluable when dealing with transport to the CIS countries. That’s why we’re the natural choice to support you all the way. Contact us now and discover that for yourself!

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